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"People with passion can change the world for the better.” - Steve Jobs.

I am a Mechanical Engineering candidate at the University of Waterloo. With the completion of three co-op terms, I aspire to apply my experience, knowledge, and passion to my desired field of work one day.

I thoroughly try to engage in learning on a daily basis with the understanding of the law of diminishing returns - the idea that after a certain optimal point, the rate of returns from an activity or operation slowly plateaus and eventually diminishes. Thereby, I find myself constantly expanding my knowledge of various systems, concepts, and facts.

When I am not working on projects, working, or studying, I enjoy modding my car, photography, and drawing. I've taken on many challenges when it comes to my hobbies, such as completing a full body work on a Mini Cooper S in order to remove all the rust and repaint the vehicle.

Java, SQL, Python Code
Electrical Design
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Having completed two successful co-op terms as a mechanical designer and one term as a prototyper, I've refined my mechanical engineering skills. From designing using Solidworks, Creo, and Catia to machining and manufacturing, I have gained hands on experience with all. In addition to the experience, I am certified in GD&T by Javelin Technologies.


Acquired knowledge of circuits and circuit design through electrical engineering course and on job design of circuits. I am knowledgeable in designing PCBs using EagleCad and Diptrace, as shown through my SPC Camera Dimensioning Device. I have scored A+ grades in all electrical engineering courses taken at UW.


I have experience working with C++, SQL, Java, and VB. I have taken a course on C++ and have learned SQL, Java, and VB through work experience and personal projects. I have prototyping experience using SQL databases for storage. In addition, I have Swift and IOS development experience through the development of an app.

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SPC Camera Dimensioning Device

Device made to measure laser cut SPC parts within a .001in tolerance.

Device made to measure the length, width, and hole sizes of laser cut coupons.

The device used a Raspberry Pi and Camera module to take a picture of the part placed along the locating pins. The camera and camera module were assembled as one single unit in order to assure proper alignment. An automatic door was adopted in order to keep cleanliness, long lasting and keep light out.

The code of this device was written in both JAVA and VB6. The code analyzed the pixels red, green and blue then extracted the greyscale. The greyscale was used to create edge detection algorithms.

Device was made with a strict budget in order to make a simplified version of $50,000 machines. Device to be sold for $1500.

Skills Demonstrated:

- Designing for manufacturing

- Designing within a strict budget

- PCB design and layout

- VB6 and JAVA programming

- Prototyping

- Computer vision

Servo Controlled Robotic Arm

Picks up colored blocks identifies their color then sorts them accordingly.

Autonomous and joystick controlled robotic arm that was made to pick up colored blocks, bring them to a GY-31 color sensor, identify the color then place it in its appropriate bin.

The mechanical design consisted of a wooden base where the electronic hardware was kept along with an acrylic robotic arm which was moved by digital servos.

Digital servos were used for the movement,the Lazy Susan and small hobby bearings were used for ease of movement, GY-31 color sensor used for the color identification. Images are of scaled down concept. Video has final design.

Skills Demonstrated:

- Knowledge of servos and mechanical components

- Programming skills

- Presentation skills

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BlindSpot Monitor

Blindspot detection device for non equiped vehicles.

Blind spot monitor prototype made to be installed on vehicles which are not fitted with the system from the factory. The system uses a HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor in order to sense the distance from the location of the sensor to the upcoming car. The data is processed using an arduino Uno ATmega328P.

The project was initially designed in Solidworks 2016, then 3D printed and installed on a Mini Cooper S. The electrical design was done on EagleCAD. PCB was designed but not printed. The purpose of this project was to create a rapid working prototype with limited supplies.

Skills Demonstrated:

- Rapid Prototyping

- Designing PCBs

- Usage of sensors in designs

- Coding Arduino

Automated Leak Test Station

Automated leak test station designed for Audi

Designed and detailed the entire station which featured a Festo cylinder that extended the upper tooling (on THK rails for precision) in order to clamp the pump from above, allowing the below to send air into the pump and pressurize it.

Designed the end-of-arm tooling for robot which can grip two pumps from two orientations each. Moreover, I designed the fixture to support pump on the dial. The assembly was designed and detailed in PTC Creo 3.0.

Skills Demonstrated:

- Designing for Manufacturing

- Designing with pneumatic cylinders

- Appropriate usage of GD&T

- Automation principles of design

- Ergonomic principles

- End-of-arm tooling design


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CNC Printer

Prototyped a printer which scans and then marks the scanned image on page with writing instrument

Prototyped a CNC Printer which scans a page and then outputs the scanned image onto a blank page using any writing instrument.

Programmed in a C++ based coding language. The project incorporated a rack and pinion gear system, motors, color sensors, encoders, and ultrasonic sensors.

Skills Demonstrated :

- Designing for prototyping

- Improvement of coding skills

- Usage of sensors and encoders

Orbit.CO product design

Designed first prototype of tablet mount and framing for Orbit.Co

Designed the initial prototype for the Orbit.CO tablet mount, a taxi advertising company.

University of Waterloo Help Chat IOS APP

IOS App at EngHAck Hackathon

IOS app which allows only students of the University of Waterloo to chat and discuss their mental or physical problems with other students. The app allows students to display name or remain anonymous. The app is aimed to reduce mental disorder in the school and allow people to always have someone to talk to.

App makes use of the Firebase database. University of Waterloo credentials are screened using the UW API before allowing access to the chatting app.

Skills Demonstrated :

- Swift

- Using databases

- Incorporation of API into code

- Designing for use

- Developing mobile phone applications

- Graphic design

Wink controlled computer game

No more controls! Dodge falling pineapples using your winks to move the character.

The wink controlled game Schwinky Schwink is fun and interactive. Placing third at Hack the 6, the game was developed and presented within 24 hours.

Schwinky Schwink using python. The winking interaction was done using OpenCV. The eye was recognized and then used for controls. If the left eye winked, the character moved left; if the right eye winks, the character moves right.

Skills Demonstrated:

- Python programming

- OpenCV usage

- UI/UX design

- Quick learning abilities

- Presentation skills

- Video editing

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